• Personalized on-site ESL instruction
  • Professional writing instruction
  • Presentation design & delivery consultation
  • Accent modification instruction
  • Client relations consultation

English Training

Mathias Professional Language Design (PLD) provides on-site instruction and consulting in English as a second language for professionals in corporate and academic environments.

For those who would like to refine their career language skills, we can offer help with professional writing, presentations, written and oral business correspondence, accent modification, and client interactions.

(919) 589-3751


For about three years I have been working with Sue as my ESL tutor. Having a work that demands publications and professional presentations, the domain and confidence about the language is essential. Throughout these years I have been able to see my improvement; I’m feeling more comfortable speaking and writing in English. Navigating in a second language is not an easy task so having someone who treats you with respect and shows interest in your work, makes the journey a pleasurable one.


Sue is a very friendly and professional teacher with a variety of experiences. When I just moved from Japan to the US for my work, I started to study with Sue. I learned a lot including everyday conversation, business email, sales call and writing presentation. As she has experiences not only as English teacher but also as professional, I learned very practical English for my work from her.

Shinji Urabe