Mathias Professional Language Design (PLD) provides on-site instruction and consulting in English as a second language for professionals in corporate and academic environments.

For those who would like to refine their career language skills, we can offer help with professional writing, presentations, written and oral business correspondence, accent modification, and client interactions.

  • Personalized on-the-job ESL instruction
  • Professional document editing & instruction
  • Presentation design & delivery consultation
  • Accent modification instruction


Mathias PLD provides the following benefits to our partners:

  • Specialized curriculum
  • Applied/Project-based learning
  • Dynamic and flexible instruction
  • Client needs and goals assessment
  • Industry and job-specific content
  • Targeted instruction and practice
  • Authentic client material production
  • Client feedback throughout coursework
  • Offsite field work and Skype sessions for traveling partners
  • Intensive and long-term training options